A Country Garden

This was originally a large, bare lawn with an elevated garden shed at the end. The brief was to transform the space into an interesting and usable outdoor living space. The client wished to retain the existing shed and catch the sun in the evening with a seating area in this part of the garden.

During the design process, two sets of plans were drawn up – one detailing the features of the proposed layout with hard landscaping elements, the other a detailed planting plan showing individual plants to fill the beds and give year-round structure, interest and colour to the new garden.

A raised area with a patio was built at the rear to elevate the garden shed and create an attractive space, turning the utility shed into a relaxing summer house with attractive views across the rest of the garden.Casestudgraphic

The end result is an attractive garden that is accessible all year round with paths leading through the various areas. As the garden matures, the pergola will be covered with roses and other climbing plants adding to the sense of the garden as a series of inviting, secluded areas nestling amongst foliage and flowers.